Take Me Home

Take me home. To the place where I belong. To the place, I loved the most.
Where the fields are green and the sun shines bright.
Home is where I lived a long time ago…

Back at home, my feet were light and my mind was carefree.
It was a teenage dream, with much love and shelter.
With big blue lakes, and shared melting ice cream.
With the best friends that lived just around the corner.
I remember we were smoking cigarettes on the rooftop, watching the stars all night long.

Yes, it was a place where we discovered sheer happiness in every single day.
It’s where I found hopes and goals, hanging from huge trees.
I remember, one day, I grabbed them and ran away.
Ran far away, as if I had wings.
Ran away and left home.

Photographers: Duy Vo & Thao Bui
Model: Brenna Kokkinis