The Simple Things

We all know life can get a little overwhelming sometimes; that on some days it feels like nothing is going right and that nothing ever will. We all know the feeling of being buried under stress or workloads and wishing for nothing more than a simple moment in the sun. 

Sometimes you just have to say F*** it and make that simple moment yours for the taking, just because the world is a heavy place right now does not mean you have to carry that weight with you always.

Take a few hours to laugh in good company, to feel like a kid again, to do something just because! Go get ice cream and make sure to sample every flavor go crazy and add those sprinkles you haven't had since you were a kid. Forget about your problems for just a little while; it's easier to deal with them when you are relaxed and not a giant ball of anxiety anyway.

Take a mental holiday and remember why life is so great after all. Because at the end of the day the world really is a magical place to be.

Photography: @breakingapathy

Female model: @weslee_kate

Male model: @jaredhscott