Journal Entry No. 01/12

January 22, 2017
How beautiful is this silence,
the warmth of Sunday morning light,
gently caresses my cheek.
I think about the ones I have lost, loved & have yet to meet…

The Lost:
She was my best friend. He was the love of my life.
The ones I lost at one point, they were my everything.
But whoever you were, I use to think that losing you was a tragedy. "How could I live without you" I would cry, and doubt myself at 2 am because I felt the emptiness you left me with.
Now I now that losing you was a blessing. Because there's no need to invest time in people who will not truly, whole heartedly value it.
If someone is not bringing positivity into your life, leave them.
You lived without them once and you can do it again.
It hurts, it hurts like hell & you might miss them sometimes,
but trust me, you need to let them go.

The Loved:
These are your truest friends, your family, & anyone who believes in you.
Because of you, I am stronger, I am better.
You are the light that keeps me going.
I burn brightly for the ones I love.
So treasure them, don't let them forget how much you value them.
It's not easy to let people in sometimes, but these souls have shown you that they are there for you no matter what. And that, well that is probably the most valuable thing someone can do.
Don't take for granted that you have them in your life.

The Ones I Have Yet to Meet:
I wait for you anxiously,
whether you are a lover, a friend, or even an enemy.
Whoever you become after, I hope you don't forget me.
I aspire to leave you with my memory, I am one of a kind and knowing me on its own will be an adventure.
So whether you stay, or you leave, just know I will never forget you.
Because one day, maybe in a few years,
It will be a quite Sunday morning, I'll be alone in this room again and I, I will be thinking of you.

Photographer/Model: Estephany Sanchez @ehstephanyy