Sunlit Introspection


     If nothing else but the wild ambition that filled her bones it was her courage that took her to great lengths, only a few dared to know. Walking into the roaring storm she welcomed a strange feeling of comfort that replaced what once was self-doubt as she looked on into the grey, smokey-lit sky where the clouds rolled in and roared with an anger so loud, tempting her to let the darkness in so that the wolves could hear her cry. But the tears had dried, you see she became one with her hearts truthful tone, there were no more lies, no more fear, no more denying the song in her bones, only the blood on her hands as she left her unforgettable mark, which in turn allowed her to take her seat on her well earned golden throne.


Model: Priscila Raquel @priscilarquel

Photographer: Me @danieldiazgaray

Assistant: Karla Alverio @veggiejeva