KYC Bathroom-15.jpg

Sometimes, when I am fresh out of the shower I whisper to my reflection to hold her head higher. I play pretend like I used to when I was 10;  wearing different crowns covered in opulent gems. I sashay around my apartment wearing my robe like a designer gown, silk and the finest thread around. I re-read old magazines like they are the classics. I pretend that perfect weather is in the distance -  even as thunder booms overhead. Sometimes, when I am fresh out of the shower... My thoughts are free to wander and the problems of the day disappear... If only for a little while.  

 Photographer: Isaiah Vigil, “Alizayuh" @Alizayuh  

Model: Janelle Lucero @janokie_

MUA: Angelique Martinez  @bettyrose_angelique  

Clothing: KYC Vintage @kycvintage