My Lonely Thoughts


I think the fact I like being alone confuses people. Maybe they can’t relate because they need someone to talk at; to echo their voice against.

I tell my secrets to the morning air. I organize my thoughts to the sound of birds and rustling grass. I take advice from the unapologetic perseverance of nature.

Have you ever been in the same place at two different times and it felt stepping into different worlds? Right now, the water is crisp and glassy in the calm, but I’ve seen it seethe in a storm. From my view, the grass seems still. But underneath, there’s a metropolis of busy insects and suspect creatures fighting for another day.

Maybe I like these images because I, too, am many things at once. I am reassured knowing that nature is never unsure.  It never asks to be validated, and neither will I.

"At the end of the day, we are all alone in death - and yet, we become a part of something bigger than any singular spirit could hold."


Photographer: Andrew Obtinalla @andrewobtinalla

Model: Shain Hanson @therealslimshainy

Styling: Tiffany Rose Miles @tiffanyrosemiles

Makeup Artist: Kathleen Fitzjohn @makeupbykathleenanne

Assistant: David Tadros @dt_416

Description: Disclaimer: All skulls used in these photographers were ethically attained cruelty-free. "The story "Top of the Hill" is a series of images of Shain shot at the R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant in Toronto, Ontario. Bones depicts living folk in style with a wild spirit and was very cinematically inspired. We included ethically obtained skulls in the photoshoot to represent the unity between our human civilization and the remnants of our nature around us to emphasize that folky lifestyle of the photo series."