An Everlasting Present

Buy her books instead of flowers. Give her power as a present. Give her wisdom as a gift. Instead of something fragile and ephemeral, give her something meaningful. Something that lasts. Something that helps her rise, that makes her grow stronger. Give her memories. Make her remember those beautiful fairytales and stories, which let her drift away much further than every fleeting smell of a bouquet ever could.

Give her one book that keeps her occupied during those lonely, cold nights. Give her another book that will make her laugh out loud on a warm summer day, when you both are laying in the park. And give her one book that will make her cry, thinking about life, the future, the present and the past.

Give her something that revives her imagination. Don’t give her flowers. Flowers would only make her kitchen table look a bit more colourful for only a couple of days.

Give her a present that she will remember for the rest of her life.

Photographer: Ned Jokanovic @nedjokanovic

Model: Lea @neon_blood

Creative Direction: Bianca Gerlach @bianca.gerlach

Location: Newtown, Sydney