Slow and Simple

There is nothing wrong with wanting a slow and simple life. A life where no moment goes unnoticed or unappreciated and every single one of them is special.

Some personalities crave constant adventure; always a new taste, experience, or horizon to find. But some people prefer those slow and sleepy mornings, full of lazy smiles. They want to sip their coffee so slowly, it goes cold as they savor every flavor in that simplistic cup. They want to read a book in the sun as the breeze turns its pages for them and the birds tell their stories through song.

Some people like things at this simple speed, enjoying to take the time to cook every meal to perfection and for random dancing under the moon's laughing face. Some people have no interest in sparkly parties, but would rather be home creating something for those at the parties to admire or to snap-chat a picture of to look at the next day.

The meaning of fun, love, or success is a meaning that differs from person to person. There is never a need to judge someone else's bliss just, as you hope they never judge yours. Instead go out and find your own, no matter what speed your heart's heaven beats at. 

XOXO - A slow mornings, but fast nights type of girl. 

Photographer: Diana Mota @dianamotaphotography
Photo Assistant: Paulo Maia
Model & Stylist: Cátia Sousa @nadaparavestir
MUAH: Cátia Neves @catianeves_makeup
Mustang: Filipe Neto
Location: Viana do Castelo, Portugal