It’s Alright on a Saturday Night 🌙💥

It’s all about those fun nights, when my BFF’s and I decide to stay in to have our own party, eating the best pizza and drinking all the booze that we got! Then we chat for hours, turn up the coolest tunes to sing along and dance as if our lounge was the hottest club that night. And sometimes, we play “Truth or Dare,” uncovering the secrets that nobody else will ever know - ‘cause we would never tell a soul. And we dance, talk, drink and have fun until the early morning, when we pass out on the couch - or the floor. Yeah, it’s those nights where we make the best memories!

Photographer: David Collier @davidcollier

Models: Georgia Coe @georgiacoe_ & Karly Coryell @kcoryell

& Bella Donovan @itsbelldono & Bianca Gerlach @bianca.gerlach

Hair & Make-up: Dempsey Rai @dempseyrai_makeup

Styling/Assistant/BTS: Kristýna Erbenová @kris_erb

Agency (Bianca & Karly): Neon Model Management @neonmodelmanagement