Once upon a time there was this cool chick, who's name was Milly. She loved the wild world in that she was living in. A world in that she was playing with fire and crashing waves every day, while running with the wolves at night, covered in the full moon’s silver, shiny light. People either loved or hated her reckless behaviour, but she never really cared about other’s petty opinions anyway.

She liked a lot of things and always believed that there was something good in everything and everyone. Only the ordinary was what she never liked. She rather would have died instead of living a boring life with no endless roads, or the pounding heat on her dry skin. Or the loud noises of big cities, followed by the deserts peaceful silence. She had a wild-hearted mind with a free, daring soul, not able to ever stop this journey.

She was a rollin’ stone. Only standing still every once in a while. Only holding on for a second to breath in the fresh air of a new unknown place…

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Photographer: Alexander Tull @alexandertull

Model: Bianca @bianca.gerlach