Date Someone Who...

Date someone you can be silly with. Someone who doesn't ask you to speak calm or act in a certain way because they feel uncomfortable with the way you express yourself. Date someone who joins you in your craziness.

Someone you can be honest with; where you feel comfortable to trust with all your secrets and deep thoughts. Someone who tries to understand and who's accepting that everyone has a history, but someone who knows that we heal as we grow together overtime and without deadlines. Date someone who is not judging or laughing because you don't know something and instead teaching you what that something is while learning new tricks and brain treats from you.

Date someone who doesn't care about your status or where you come from or what you already achieved.  Someone who is mature enough to realize that things like that don’t matter but who supports you in the now instead. Someone who knows that having you by their side is enough and there is no  need for an expensive car, a big house, or a glamourous lifestyle.

Date someone who still calls you beautiful when you wear your ugly chill-clothes, accepts your weird hobbies or collections, reminds you that you can be yourself, that even on your worst days you still mean the world to them. Date someone who just holds your hand for a whole day because you feel sad and isolated. Someone who is proud of you and wants to show you off regardless how you look at that moment.

You shouldn't date someone who make you feel like you have to compete for their attention or have to change the way you are or what is important to youso they can appreciate you fully. You should never feel the need to learn more skills to impress them instead of learning new skills to make yourself happy.

Date someone you don’t have to impress because they’re already impressed by who you are and how you take on the world. Date someone who is proud of your originality and authenticity, always.


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