Let Me Be Me 🌸

Let me be me.
Let me be young.
I wanna cuddle my teddy whenever I want to.
I wanna fly away on my swing, to places you will never know.

Let me be childish.
Let me be carefree.
I wanna dance in the rain, turning a cloudy day into something wonderful.
I wanna wear colourful socks from two different pairs,
just because things don’t always have to match up.

But they say that’s not how it should be.
They say I have to live a normal live.
A life where I can dream,
but not make those dreams come true.

But what if I die tomorrow?
What would they say then?
“I wish she lived her last day exactly the way she wanted to.”

So I will keep on being true to myself.
I will do the things I want to do.
And I will do them now and tomorrow and for the rest of my life.

Model: Mariah Rable @marrahrebel
Photographer: Heather Delaney @hea5ther
Location: Heidelberg Project, Detroit, MI