Where The World Blooms

I turn my face into the wind as my lips and eyes sting,
blinking away blurred and distorted visions.
 Stringing my fingers together I catch little bits of heaven,
that I get to keep for a little while inside of me.
Accepting this fateful day for what it is,
the end of a story, a chapter, a journey…

Sometimes you can't avoid the rain if you want to escape the flames,
the ones licking at your rain-filled, booted feet.
I look at the flowers, surrounding my longer than average legs,
each refreshed from this shower of otherworldly immensity,
colorful and unique.
I see flowers, made of different day-dreams,
shining bright as on the day they were planted in my psyche.
I pick up the one that reminds me of his eyes.
In the center, I see what could have been a simple life,
but even this blessed rain couldn't clear the scene.
I pluck it's petals slowly,
knowing our time was borrowed on broken dreams.

Forgetting you is the hardest thing for my heart to see.
Forgive me,
run in your own rain and relish it.
Run until you find your sunshine calling to you in a gentle breeze.
Under thunder is where the world blooms,
it's where I grow up and let go of you.

Photographer: Andy Fang @andyfangphoto
Model: Esme B with Numa Models
Makeup/Hair: Sydney Whalen @sydneywbeauty