"I love the way photography speaks for itself and in which way we can express what we feel."

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Where does your love for photography come from?

I started shooting portraits when I was 15 years old. Though I would say my true love and inspiration for photography started 1 year ago when I met Michel Amado, a wonderful cinematographer who gave me the opportunity to work with him. This guy believed in me and taught me everything. Thanks to him I am where I am right now.

Which Instagram pages, people and memories would you say inspire your work?

The pictures we shoot are not merely defining our unique style, but the way we see the world. I love seeing the world as a magical, rich and beautiful place. Most of my inspiration comes naturally from what the surrounded environment can evoke. Then suddenly I have a clear idea of what I really want to shoot and how I want to shoot it. Moreover I’m a true Instagram fanboy! These are a couple of my favourite Instagram accounts that truly inspire my work: @demurela, @davis.hilton, @cvatik, @jesseherzog, @chuck, @darkmornings, @samuelelkins, @chivexp, @brayanadamc and @tea.ah

Please tell us about your funnest photo shoot you have had so far.

It was about 2 months ago. I was shooting with a close friend of mine, who was a complete amateur and had never posed in front of a camera before. She looked stunning in every shot but was not confident about if she was really doing a good job. People started staring since we were in plain street. She started to get nervous and I had to think of a way to make her feel more comfortable to get the shot before the day would be over. I decided to put the camera on a tripod, set the timer and go sit and pose with her. It was really fun, people would stop staring all the time! We both laughed and she felt less intimidated and although I didn’t use those pictures, it helped her feel more comfortable after our little selfie time, and yes I got the perfect shot after that.

What do you want to capture in your images?

Emotions. I love the way photography speaks for itself and in which way we can express what we feel. My style is very natural. I like to think that my pictures can evoke a sense of peace and tranquility, a form of inspiration and inspiration is everywhere. I want my work to inspire others to do what they love, to feel free, we live in a world that has beauty in every corner. As I use to say: Sometimes its the little details that bring life to life.

Where do you see the importance of natural light and colour in your photography?

In everything. My work is based on natural light. I don’t like using any extra gear besides my camera and lenses, unless it’s absolutely necessary, but I always try to avoid getting to that point. Sometimes I like to get creative and use what I have near me (branches, trees, clothes, walls, buildings). It makes the process more fulfilling in terms of teaching myself how to work with my environment and how to take full advantage of everything that surrounds me. Therefore colour is the key to make a good photo. I always set color as my first priority. But the key is to combine all aspects. Once you’ve learned how to use colours with what is around you - your model and what you can evoke - you can expect a great final result.

Who would you say is your idol in terms of photography?

Well this is a tough question! I admire many photographers from around the world but I have to say it’s definitely these guys: Cuautemoc Suarez as @tttemo, Mark Harless as @bleeblu, El Chivo as @chivexp, Diego Huerta @diegohuertaphoto and Antonio Verdin as @verrrdin.

Which is your favourite place to shoot?

I love the city but going outside to more natural and less artificial places is what inspires me most. I love the woods, long plain terrains of dirt and grass… I can’t really say I have a specific place though. I love a lot of places when it comes to shoots.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I like to see myself as a successful photographer and cinematographer. I’m currently finishing my studies at film school here in Guadalajara, Mexico. I hope that I’ll have the possibility to travel more and meet people and cultures to expand my work to more and more places.