Me Loving You Loving Me.

Remember when we first met. We were young and full of silly thoughts and ideas. We were in a club when you came over, totally drunk, asking me if I can give you a ride home. This was the first moment I really recognized you after spending several hours at school with you in the same Spanish class. I took you home and fell in love right in that moment when we were sitting next to each other in the car and I could smell this familiar fragrance of your leather jacket mixed with perfume. Remember when you said: 'I wouldn't want to go on holiday with you if I wasn't totally in love with you.' And I said I'd love you too. We drove to Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam, living on the road and watching the stars every night.

And then my granny died and you were there. And then your granny died and I was there. And then after holding each other so close every night that it became a prison of emotions, we started fighting. Fighting every week, yelling every day and crying every night. Remember when we split up and still used to be together inofficially. Remember when I moved away and we both cheated. Remember when we stopped talking to each other. And then you wouldn't love me anymore and I couldn't deal with it. I started moving on and suddenly fell in love with another person and the feeling of being by myself. This person was me.

Project: How To Be Alone                                                                       Photography by Donari Braxton                                                             Model Victoria R Agency: We Speak NY

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