Cigarette Daydreams

She’s been dreaming since she woke up today.
She’s a daydreamer and a night thinker.
Sometimes her mind dreams away to fuck the real world.
Not to escape, but to create something so beautiful, you can only imagine.
Maintaining a healthy dose of daydreaming to keep her sane.
And then she fantasises about things and people in the most innocent and poetic way.
Once in a while, these dreams tell her a fairy tale, right in the middle of an ordinary day.

And today she dreamed away.
Thinking about the things that could have happened but they never did.
When she left him and he said: See you soon…
Their lips kissed for the last time.
And then she flew away across the blue ocean, knowing she wouldn’t come back.
But what if?
What if he said: Don’t go.
What if he hold her back from starting a life without him?

Maybe she would have just stayed there.
Maybe they would have smiled at each other.
They would have gone back inside, put on the music and kissed until the sun went down.
They would have stayed up all night long to make plans while smoking cigarettes.
And the plane would have left without her.

Photographer: Matthew P. Cheel @mattcheel
Model: Montana Lower @montanalower