Reclaiming My Temple

My body my temple
So I am told my temple has a blue print
A standard mold
No room for new chambers
No room for my favorite colors
My body is mine I am told
Until I am a certain year old
Until I wear a slave color on my finger emotionally selling my body to a man

My body is mine
That's a shame
It's looking run down the paints chipping
My body is mine
Why does it look this way this isn't what I wanted this isn't what it's supposed to be
My body is mine
But is it
Or is it society's construction project
Projected images bombarded on the young minds of those still growing their gardens.
Those who haven't finished their temple
Who plea to a person unknown
To feel at home in their own skin
It's theirs they have been told
And I was told I had no God to answer to except my self
But I find my self praying
On bruised knees for the beauty that was bluntly shoved over my eyes
In hind sight what was their idea of Beauty wasn't beautiful at all
And yet I re did the kitchen put up some new shiny walls. To make it look right. Because after all My body is mine
No king to answer to I am queen
Until my castle gets invaded by sharp words like swords swooping through my head like doves drop dead
My body is mine
What about my mind?
Is that mine too or did they remove that from the blue print as to simplify half of society?
My body is mine
My mind not so much
They left me like a rag doll pulled apart at the seams for not following the rules and extremes of what her temple was supposed to be
God be damned if I like that way my hips curve like my lips curve and the scars in-between
a barbaric temple if I have a single " flaw" which might be as small as the hair that trails down my legs because it's winter and this temple is cold.
Old. So old my souls feels so old
My body is mine my mind no longer so
It was lost to invaders; broken in doors
Say hello to these strangers
My mind is theirs I fight for my bodies basic rights
To keep the heart of my temple free and not tied
To any over idealized picture

My body is mine
I will be stronger that my mind
I will grow old and wrinkle proudly
My temple
My journey
Forget the blue print
Live proudly

“Always remember you have the power to crown yourself, you are the queen of your castle. Your beauty and self-worth are not tied together in anyway other than the fact that you are the only person who has the ability to determine them. Love yourself proudly and without apology.” - Weslee Kate

Photography: Garrett Williams
Model: Weslee Kate Heileman