Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows ☀️

Life can feel shitty, but it can also be pretty f*cking beautiful.

One thing I have found is that so much of this comes down to perspective and where we choose to invest our energy. I remember seeing a quote, “where attention goes, energy flows”. Sorry for the hippie shit, I can’t help it. I maintain this quote has a lot of power and truth behind it. One thing I like to do every day is practice being grateful for the good things I have around me - believe me, we all have them even on our crappiest of crap days.

This can mean writing it down, saying thank you to someone for being wonderful or simply stopping to breathe, look around and see beauty in something. It’s everywhere. When we invest our energy into all the good things we DO have, rather than worrying about what we don’t, it’s surprising how beautiful our lives can appear. We feel richer, fuller, happier, and are just nicer to be around in general. If you’ve got a bed to sleep in, a functioning body and the ability to breathe, then you’re in the lucky crew.

There is so much to be happy about. Just saying it out loud will make you realize that. Stop sweating the small shit. Scatter glittery goodness everywhere like confetti. Tell someone beautiful that they’re a fucking babe. Kiss someone you love. Get outside and realize that the world is glorious. Be thankful that you are the only one of you in the whole entire world. That’s pretty bloody special. Be grateful, love with your whole heart and the world will love you back for it, I promise. <3

Model: @fear.and.clothing

Photographer: @brookeelizabeth.photography

Make-up artist: @lizzypoole.mua

Clothing: @treeoflife_love