Lauren Ruth Ward 🌈 A Woman To Watch


I first saw Lauren Ruth Ward perform during a birthday party at the Thirsty Crow back in September - before Baltisoul even had a music section. She did a cover of Give Me Shelter by the Rolling Stones that made it feel like we had been sucked back into the 70’s. The raw energy she brought to the stage was refreshing to witness and electric in nature. I knew there was something more to her as an artist, and well, I was right. Defining Lauren Ruth Ward is a challenge in and of itself. Lauren is one of those people who drips creativity, always working on something new to share with the world. With a style that is as colorful as her rainbow bangs, you would be hard pressed to not recognize her wherever she may choose to run. Her music is uninhabited, wild, emotional, and honest. Lauren creates artistic commentary on love, heartbreak, being a strong womxn, and on other life points in general. She is definitely an artist with a lot to say who has found a medium to say it in. Continue reading below to learn more about her views on empowerment, authenticity, what other artistic mediums she adores, and to check out our full Polaroid editorial - featuring the best vegan vanilla milkshake ever.

Who are you?

Lauren Ruth Ward

Why music?

It's cathartic / keeps me sane.

What does feminism mean to you?

Feminism is equality for all.

What does vulnerability mean to you?

You are aware of what you are not capable of and trust whoever you're being vulnerable with. Vulnerability shows respect.

What does being an artist mean to you?

It means people see me for my art which is a reflection of myself, so I guess they see me for me.

Favorite lyric of yours?

It was awkward like F minor the first time I saw you naked.

What other forms of art are you passionate about?

Painting, hair cutting/coloring, sewing, jewelry making, crocheting, knitting, decoupage, glue gunning.... all of the things.

What does empowerment mean to you?

Being okay with all outcomes. Believing you're exactly where you need to be, no time has been wasted, no rush to be something else. Empowerment is being able to just be and not think about what you are "being".

What does authenticity mean to you?

Being yourself!

What’s next?

2019: music videos, singles, tours, and collaborations : ) !!!

Talent: Lauren Ruth Ward @laurenruthward

Photo: Weslee Kate @Wesleekatecreative