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We are only taking exclusive submissions which are completely UNPUBLISHED & EXCLUSIVE and the published story remains a Baltisoul Magazine Exclusive after publishing as well. By submitting an exclusive story to Baltisoul, you agree not to send the accepted and published story to any other magazine or website and give sole discretion to use/post work in anyway to Baltisoul Magazine unless rejected or the 30-day period concludes, in which case you may do what you will with the submission including submitting elsewhere.

First, please allow up to 30 DAYS for confirmation of acceptance/publishing date, we are a small team and get hundreds of submissions a day, thank you!

By participating in the Baltisoul Magazine project known as ‘Baltisoul Magazine’ its affiliates and assigns the right for to publish and use the contents in the print/flash-based issues of, on the website itself for content, for newsletters, and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr (Social-Profiles) as well as any other medium or platform we so choose. In special cases also for promotion-stuff of Baltisoul Magazine – like flyers, folders, posters, cards, projections and also for public relations work (PR), like e.g. newspapers, print-magazines, events, exhibitions and presentations. Baltisoul Magazine and their owners don’t sell your images and interviews without your personal permission by submission such as mini-issues and other forms of publication. Pleas note that you have to be the only copyright-owner of the images, text, music (…) to submit them. AS A PHOTOGRAPHER YOU OWN THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE MODEL AND AGENCIES FOR PUBLISHING THE IMAGES. Basically, you keep all rights to your submissions. However, in the interest of maintaining quality, we retain the right to make spelling/grammatical/visual changes to your work and to use them for the promotion of Baltisoul Magazine. Baltisoul Magazine and their editors also retain the right to add annotations as we see fit. You agree, by the acknowledgement of this disclaimer, to not hold Baltisoul Magazine and their owners responsible for any injury mental, physical, financial or otherwise resulting from the publishing or use of your submission. Also, if anyone sues you for slander/improper use/or otherwise etc. from any content you submit that we decide to publish, you agree to not hold Baltisoul Magazine and their owners liable. Lastly, Baltisoul Magazine cannot guarantee that every submission will be published and any submissions improperly submitted may be auto-rejected or the person may even be banned from future features.


Please send your submissions to

ALL photos, works of art, or visuals submitted must be no larger than (1 MB) in size, and in high resolution.

Must send at least ( 7 ) images/works of art or more to go with feature and editorial spread.
ALL works of art, photos, etc. must be original and unpublished and owned/created by you.

Please send your work in a Dropbox or Zip folder.

When submitting, please provide personal bio, links to social media and portfolio, along with submission work/credits/links to team’s (if applicable) sites and brief description behind work being submitted.

Please only submit work that fits our style and aesthetic, we are very strict about what we accept. If you are unsure then please review our site, we only accept non-mainstream art, photography, writing, etc.

No submitter/artist may dictate layout design, that is solely the decision of Baltisoul and its team.


We can't wait to see your work!