After reading my childhood diary I swore I would never ever write about myself again…yet, here I am talking about myself, so I’ll try to make this bearable. I’m Summir (like the season, but with an “i”) Wilson and I am originally from Agoura Hills, California, but now I’m off being a big girl studying Creative Writing & Screenwriting at Chapman University.

I’ve got a really wild, passionate love affair with words. I want to use words to create works that move people to feel deeply, see vastly, and think openly. Writing, to me, is not only a way for me to express myself, but also a way for me to try to understand others, broadening my perspective, as I know mine alone is limited.

Besides being a writer, I am a singer/songwriter, actress, foodie, fashion lover (I wear overalls at least twice a week), and coffee shop enthusiast (although, my version of coffee mostly consists of cream & sugar).

In a nutshell, if yellow was a person I’d see it to be one with crazy cool love, joy, positive recklessness, passion, compassion, hope, second-chances & perspective, of which happens to be most of the qualities I value. Therefore, I hope to be yellow in both my writing and in my everyday life. Cheers to the journey!

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Instagram: @summirwilson
Snapchat: SummirJewels4 (I made this when I was 13, don’t laugh)


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