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Freddie Ransome 💕 On Production and Stress + Full Editorial

Buzzfeed’s “Lady Like” producer/personality Freddie Ransome shares her views on social responsibility, production, and how she handles the stress that comes with it.

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Khrystyana Talks Inclusivity, Empowerment, and More

Khrystyana is a breath of fresh air, a bodyLove activist, model, founder of theREALcatwalk, and Americas Next Top Model Cycle 24 contestant. Continue reading below to learn more about her views on inclusivity, empowerment, and more.

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Taylor Grey Opens Up About Her New Single "Back to Bite"

Taylor Grey is a 21-year-old power house who’s new song “back to bite” is a bit different from her past music. This release shows fans that Taylor is coming into a new phase of her music that is looking like it will be honest, emotional, and empowering. Read below to know her views on the new single, creativity, and more.

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