Young Hearts ❤️


Flying creations over candy colored skies; he introduced her to a world full of vision. As they listened to sounds of color she wondered if he could capture her thoughts through his lens as he did in his imagination. Never giving this much thought, she didn’t think it could be something that may come about. Months had passed and much had changed. He soon became a possibility she had not foreseen.  

It wasn’t until the late night dinners in hidden backstreets, where the only thing she could taste was how she felt when she was with him. The first dates were filled with harmless questions to gauge a sense. He'd overthink simplicity to answer with precision, and although unclear, whether it was his mind or body that had her reeling it was the fact that each meeting had her wanting more. She knew she had to ride this feeling.

Unable to stop these waves, they told her to run from her emotions. But it was 2 am & thoughts of him still circled in her head. How can she make sense when you're always on her mind. Biting back truths to keep up with the push and pull. It accomplished nothing for these young hearts. They were only getting tired of the games that were simply a waste of time. So let’s start with some honest facts. We all know you can't be bad at something you do on purpose, that takes tact and for a creative like you, a carefully thought-out vision.

With more to the story, there’s something that always draws her back in. She tries to write the chapters but her mind is blocked by pure thoughts of him. She can't put him into words like she has done it so easily with the ones before. Uncertain of how this will end, they continue to walk through the fire, burning the pages as they go through the motions…

I guess it’s now or never that we explore these emotions.

Creative Director: @kailyemmasmith
Photographer: @sydstreetco
Models: @kailyemmasmith & @blake_sorensen92