You Can't Love Someone Until You Love Yourself

I know this sounds cliché, but I learned that it couldn’t be more true. A healthy relationship is the product of two people who are comfortable with themselves, and with one another. When you are too busy concentrating your attention on all the things that you don’t like about yourself, those negative thoughts and a destructive mindset will become apparent in your relationship. Sooner or later, you tend to end up dragging other people down in your negativity because of how you view yourself.

The person you love becomes collateral damage, and that isn’t fair to them. As you begin a relationship with somebody, you are taking on the responsibility of taking care of them and treating them well. The most responsible thing one can do is to have a positive self-image and state of mind before making the commitment to take care of someone else. The purpose of being in a relationship should not rely on the dependency of someone else, but the power of union and togetherness.

Sometimes it may feel like you will never be secure enough to handle a long-term relationship, and that can be both disheartening and lonely.

Perfect doesn’t exist and it never will.

Instead of trying to be perfect, focus on repairing the issues you have, and be conscious of them. Explore beyond your comfort zone, utilize your mind, chase your dreams, succeed continuously, and never give up. Once you comprehend this mindset, your relationship with your significant other will begin to flourish rather than set you back. Build yourself up, and don’t let your problems seep like poison into the relationship. Often, if you are consciously attempting to better yourself, your partner will support and motivate you to continue to build yourself up.

Photography: Agustina Sol @ohmythatphoto
Model: Gina Matteoli @ginimatteoli