You Are Gold, Baby ☆


All that's left of the strange faces he once knew and the familiar heartache that burned straight on through, is just a fading memory. Back to basics he picked up a pen and wrote to them with all of his heart and soul, digging deeper into the unknown until everything was released from what once was a dark, heavy hole. That's when the truth shined and his strength and power was found.

The pain that once made her feel worthless and the feeling of being unwanted sent her into an unstable mess, head heavy and haunted. Emotions ran wild until her insecurities had her reeling, little did she know she would try to hide the pain through false care and devotion. And so the story goes she pushed him away for being unable to love but a heart that big was made for so much more than just the heavens above. Grieving the love she never received she saved herself by learning to trust, let go and be free.

And he never really seemed sure of which path to choose, but he tried so many attempts purely refusing to give up and lose. Expressing his struggles through lyrics and sound he unwillingly said goodbye to the love he thought he had once found. All too much for a heart so big he decided to take on a role as someone he never actually knew, later falling for a romance that wasn't quite true he ended it leaving hearts broken in his path so that he could set out to find himself, which fate would have it, brought him closer to you.

and in the dark times they found themselves with a love that came from within, opening doors allowing the possibility to shine through for someone to love them and the skin they're in.

In the end, it’s all anyone is ever looking for; a love that makes people go crazy, a love that makes teenagers do the silly things they do, a love you’ll never need to defend. A love you and I have, a bond that’s soul deep and true.

Oh and to see it would be a privilege only few get to know. But to feel it is up to us, to share only what we wish them to know.

Model: Alma Brenne @almabrenne
Agency: Wild Management
Photographer: Robert Vincze