Worn Out Stars✨

Everyone has different feelings when looking up to the stars… some are fascinated by the shimmering and blinking dots on that dark blue velvet ground, others feel small and negligible, comparing themselves to a never-ending universe. Yet others don´t even give a shit.

In the past, the stars showed us the way back home through the darkest nights, but how can they help us now, in such a bright world, full of lamps and billboards, flashing car lights and blinking skyscrapers?

Maybe we don´t need the stars anymore in this modern world, maybe the street lamps and shopwindow’s lights will guide us our way through the night. The skyscrapers are our orientation like the Polar Star once was for our grandparents.

Maybe we made the stars useless when we created our own. Or maybe they just got another purpose, letting us crave for nature, for peace, lighting up the way to a place where the time stands still for a couple minutes when we look up in the deep, dark and endless sky.

Photographer: Felix Rolf @felixrolfphotography

Model &
MUA : Katrin Kuschka @k4tjuscha

Location: The Moxy by Marriott Hotels in Frankfurt Eschborn #atthemoxy