Running away to the stars where their constellations can take us to a world we long to be. The ocean waves change from blue to black as you turn to me with eyes that project a possible end.

No more bruises, no more scars, no more hell. I’m over this constant ride, I want off this messy carousel that never seems to unwind.

We found the magical elixir in this world of false pretend, but baby, I no longer feel your soul as your heart slips out from my hand. Timing in this place is kept in an hourglass where the sand rushes through the middle at a pace proving impossible to beat.  Now your back is to me as you love another, I’m in the wings supporting a reality I'm forced to face. Feet in the sand, they turn to heavy stone, I can only watch on and hope for your happiness as I stand here alone.

Running away to the stars where nothing can touch me, alone with my dreams is where I feel most alive, powerful strides bleeding with ambition your confusion and silence fill me with a powerful ammunition.

I know I said I wasn't going to write about you but that’s the thing about pain, however, uninvited it makes art great. Hurt and loss became my lot in life, a sick fate, one I have no choice other than love to hate.

Running away to the stars, hiding from the world, can't I stay here where it’s safe and gold, milky ways and galaxies full of possibility, no one can touch me as the absence of gravity grips me here and floats throughout my soul.

You hoped I would fall down, I refuse to feel even an inch of defeat when strength and resilience is all I know. Never one to sit in the shadows I rebuild my rocket from ashes until it lights up with a fierce bronze glow, a fire lines the sky as I make my way out of your tangled web of who even knows. Now I'm racing to the stars and nothing can bring me down for I'm filled with the warmth of happiness that radiates from within. You forget I’ve done this all my life and always on my own, a hunger to never fall down I've learned to grow from inside my empty bones.

Come with me as I write my story that is so far from over. For these thirsty hearts always want something more, lucky for us we’re only just nearing the start of chapter four.

Model: Kaily Emma Smith @kailyemmasmith

Photographer: @sydstreetco