Wish You The Best

You don’t like me? That’s okay.

I could be the most perfect cup of tea, but someone will always prefer coffee.

Maybe I don’t like you either. Maybe the way you live your life is something I can not fathom. Maybe, even though you are supposedly the nicest person in the world, you rub me the wrong way.

But just because I would rather not be around you does not mean that I don’t support you.  It does not mean that I want you to fail. It does not mean that I hope you are unhappy.

You don't need to like me for me to believe that we all deserve success and happiness. We all deserve to feel wanted and loved. We all deserve to have a fulfilling life.  I wish you the best with all the sincerity in the world. So good luck, may our paths never cross but may your path be just as bright as mine.

Photographer: Allen Carbon @CarbonJournal

Model: Annabel