A Wild Dreamer

She had always been wired for wild dreams but pre-programed to crash under the extremes that life had to offer. A sensitive soul with so much potential - if only the world could be more gentle...

She didn't understand gossip or bad mouthing. The only words that fell from her lips were the truth. She was transparent; her heart worn proudly on her sleeve. This did not make her weaker but instead strong. Learning to battle her demons early on.

She viewed the world with a critical eye, searching for vampires in disguise. When she was happy the world was her playground. She spun through it like a cyclone of love and wonder, picking up those around her until they, too, felt dizzy with joy.

She loved so deeply that her heart could never feel empty, only hurt when a simple word stung a little too sharply. She held her head high - ready to fight through the dark and earn a beautiful life, built on a hillside of wild, wonderful, dreams.

Model: Weslee Kate @weslee_kate

Photographer: Zackari Miller @zackarimiller