The UK Will Always Be My Second Home

I was born and raised in good old Germany. Therefore I’ve always been taught a high degree of discipline, the German appreciation for high quality, as well as the fact that without university you are nothing and that creativity isn’t the key for success. If you think that these are the main aspects for a happy life, then please think it over again.

I love my friends and my family from Germany, but I’ve always known that this country isn’t my home, that I’m different and that I don’t belong here. I never really felt integrated and had the impression that something essential was missing. When I started travelling around California and the UK, it fundamentally changed my life. I got along with everybody, made friends for life in seconds, started to work more creatively and finally found a place that feels like home - for the first time in my life. Every time I travel to Brighton and London to visit my friends, it feels like coming home to a place where I can evolve, love myself and simply be happy and healthy. I learned to not see myself as a German girl, but as an open-minded heart, a European, a wandering citizen of this world.

As some major decisions have been announced today, I don’t really know what will happen in the future. I have a German passport, but my heart and huge parts of my life are located in the UK, as well as in California. I have an entire Second life in England that implements a job and friends that definitely count as family. I’m afraid of the consequences that will and already have evoked for Britain and the EU, but what really bothers me is that instead of letting walls fall down, we are creating more of them to exclude people who are just like you and me.

Photographed by Andrew Chang @andychang_photo
Model: Bianca