You may know Ron as the cool-girl LA photographer with the hypnotically cinematic, glowy, and colored style. Or you may know her as the musician that perfectly embodies a part rock star, part Parisian chic style. Regardless, the 19-year-old Ron Dadon is the definition of creative. We caught up with her to talk more about her art while having a fun little photo shoot in a beautiful Spanish home in the Hollywood Hills.

Who is @ronathann? Who is @ron.dadon?

I always say that @ronathann is my portfolio and @ron.dadon is everything else! If you want to know Ron the person, then you should follow @ron.dadon. If you want to know Ron the artist, follow @ronathann!

Those 5 favorite essentials?

My top five daily essentials (aka things I cannot leave the house without), are Mint balmdotcom by Glossier (because I’m always chapped), a pair of chic sunglasses, a disposable camera, statement earrings and a killer jacket that goes with anything and everything.

Describe the perfect outfit for your next show.

A beautifully fitted sequined jumpsuit or a fitted A-line style red dress. Depends on my mood!

What’s it like being both a musician and a photographer? How do the two influence and interact with each other?

It’s the best thing in the world. I love being on stage and in front of the camera but it’s also so empowering to be behind the camera and calling the shots as well. I’ve always searched for ways that the two inform one another, but they really don’t! And I love that because whether I’m working on photography or music, I can focus on that and that alone. I love them both so much and they offer me two completely different outlets to express myself with.

I heard that you’re releasing your first single beginning of next month. That’s so exciting, I would love to hear more about that!

Yes, I am! I’m so blessed to have had it produced by my wonderful (and endlessly patient) friend Keaton Stromberg. I can’t say much yet, but I just hope that people will love it as much as I do! As for inspirations, I’d say this song was inspired by a mix of Fiona Apple and Selena Gomez. Somewhere between the two is a happy medium, and hopefully, that’s my song.

I’ve noticed a shift in your photography, especially with your Vignettes series. The combination of cinematic imagery and nostalgic text is very compelling. What inspired you to do this project? (maybe talk about what the process was like, where you found inspiration from, your evolving style)

My inspiration for the project was my lack of inspiration. I felt like so much of my work at the time didn’t have a purpose and I grew tired of it, so I thought the only way to reinvigorate my photography was to completely ditch it and try something I had never tried before. Vignettes is basically a photo diary that documented the seven weeks of my life in which I was trying to find my inspiration again. If you read it from start to finish, you can tell that it’s actually a story. Vignettes was the stepping stone that really helped me define my style of cinematic-inspired portraits and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

Give us some insight into your creative process and inspirations. What goes into a song?

The process is different for me every time I sit down to write. One day I might have a lyric in mind that I’ll try to write a whole song around; the next day I’ll just come up with a cool chord progression and roll from there. The one constant throughout all of my writing sessions, however, is my guitar. I don’t think I would ever be able to write a quality song without that guitar.

LA’s creative industry is often stereotyped as saturated, superficial, etc. What’s it like being an artist in LA?

Being an artist in LA is an absolute blessing and an absolute struggle. Yes, the city is very saturated with talent (some of it superficial) so it is more difficult to stand out, but in many ways, it does feel like we’re all family here. Almost everyone you meet is some type of artist, and that forms such a beautiful community. It’s really cool to see people my age performing on the street and knowing that we’re all in the same boat.

 Any advice for aspiring musicians or photographers?

Just keep working. I say this every time someone asks me this question! The more you practice your passion, the better you will become. Before you know it, that passion will become your career. Always remember, do what you love and success will follow!

Featuring: Ron Dadon @ron.dadon @ronathann
Interview+Photography: Ashley Seryn
Makeup: Sooyon Kim
Styling: Emily Acosta
@emilyacosta_ @amouramelia