White Thoughts

Getting your head free, feeling the sun and the wind on your skin. The antagonistic kiss, between the heat, which will let your body calm down and the fresh stroke, which flatters around your body and trough you hair, giving you the little goose pimples on your arm.

You start running, you´re feeling free, jumping over the stones like you´re 8 years old. Your heart is beating faster; something tickles inside your tummy. Laying against the stones, feeling the warm glow, resting. Not only the body, even your thoughts. Closing your eyes, just feeling the sun on your face, see the bright sky through your eyelid. After a deep breath you push yourself off the warm stones, start walking again. You walk and walk, you can hear the grinding sound of the little stones under your shoes. You don´t know if your hair or the high grass tickles your back. But you don´t care.

Being in open air you feel so free. Today, you just don´t care. Only white, warm thoughts.

Photographer: Alejandro Pereira @alejandro8181
Model: Paola Desideri @paolavdesideri