Wherever This Road Takes Me 🌺

Life is a crazy mess of highways, pit-stops, and flat tires. Nothing in this life ever seems to go to plan; no matter how solid the plan seems to be. The trick to survive it with a smile! Just go with it, roll down your windows, take in the scent of the air hitting your face. Notice the scenery wherever you are and enjoy it. Don't fight the world's plan for you - instead, make every moment a worthy adventure.

For this shoot, it did not go as planned in any way. The original photographer got sick and had to cancel, but that's how I found Kelly! She is new to photography but already has a great eye and style.

While waiting for her in central park, I was very worried about how my slight sunburn from that morning would look on camera. Little did I know that this should have been the least of my worries...

We started shooting and five minutes later a wall of black clouds broke through the sun and all of a sudden... downpour. I am talking "can't see your hand in front of your face" rain. Luckily for us, a park ranger led us to the dry safety of the ranger's building. He gave us towels and ponchos and offered us water to drink. We could have let the rain stop us, but instead, we went with it.

Shooting under thunder with nobody in sight was so freeing, magical, and fun. It reminded me of when I was a kid and would lay in the rain, relishing the feeling of the droplets hitting my face. 

We finished shooting and parted ways, both ready to get warm and dry. I was on my way to midtown NY from the conservatory gardens. 1 bus, 1 train, and 1 lift ride later - all while soaking wet - I found that my lift took me to the E version of my W destination... Right as I climbed out looking at the correct address to my friend's apartment, my phone died. I had a slight idea of which way I needed to go so I went for it, walking through the rain on an adventure all my own. Dodging the splashes of yellow cabs and the umbrellas of oblivious tourists. 

30 minutes later and slightly out of breath I found my friend's apartment which was a small piece of heaven in the storm. She gave me dry cozy clothing and we ate soup dumplings while catching up on life and watching the sunset. 

This day wasn't 100% fun, it held disappointment, excitement, and adventure, but I will always cherish the memories of unexpected magic. 

Model: @weslee_kate

Photographer: @k_bondra