Where to Find Your Inner John Lennon

Photographer: Emanuele Ferrari

Photographer: Emanuele Ferrari

A lot of vintage looks have been making a comeback this season. Country floral is now more popular than leather. And instead of the generic Wayfarer-type sunglasses, more retro shades are selling out.

I made the great discovery that John Lennon’s signature rounded shades look better on me than the pair that looked like they came from a 3D screening. But where to find these sunnies you might ask? Well, look no further because I got a great line-up of both paces and styles.

Urban Outfitters

There is never a time you won’t see me wearing my round sunglasses. I am actually obsessed with my blue-mirrored sunglasses from Urban. Cheap, yet not too cheap to look like I actually pulled them from the rubble of the 60s.

Urban Outfitters has so many great styles, with a huge price range from $295 to $14. There are shades for everyone.

The Valley Square are definitely for those who might be more timid about risky styles, or want to put their attention in the rest of their outfit.

Quay Australia

If you keep up with the Kardashains, you most likely have seen them wearing Quay sunglasses from time to time. The styles here are much more futuristic and high fashion than your average boutique. (insert Kylie snapchat)

A big trend that’s noticeable on the site is the mirrored look. Instead of simple black frames, there’s a ton of color. And I think we could all use some more color this summer. One of my favourites is the My Girl.


Ray-Ban is definitely on the pricier side. Personally, I’d suggest purchasing Ray-Bans only if you were keeping them for a while. Otherwise, go with the cheap!

This brand can be found all over. They’re sold at eyeglass stores, Crews, and now, Urban Outfitters as well. They’re definitely more… polished than other brands. The Round style is very simple yet super chic.

There are a million and one different styles and brands of sunglasses you can find. Walk around boutique stores or search online. Wherever you find them, wear them with confidence and sheer summer vibes.