What Money Can't Buy...

A close friend told me that she loved being broke and having no money, explaining; “because it has taught me how to appreciate absolutely everything, it showed me that I could fall in love, and that we could have absolutely nothing and yet have everything we need. Money will always be there, it comes and it goes, but our grateful hearts and our love for each other is something special, something only a few lucky souls could ever get to know.”

My happiness for her, that she had found something so rare in this lifetime run by paper and gold,
 was so warming, it held enough power to turn my heart into a soft, pink blush from what was a cold, dark-grey rust.

Bouncing back like we always do, it’s here that I'm holding onto the thought of you. Nothing yet but a mixture of constellations and vivid imaginations, this feeling has me hooked by pure fascination. In a city ruled by riches and fame, I would rather have a love that is blazing and true.

Stick with me as I promise to teach you something that is new, I’ll introduce you to a stranger world where you can get lost and roam. With nothing but empty pockets, endless oceans and the sunshine on your bones; it’s here that all worries seem to go. Now you know the battles were worth the hurt, as well as the time-consuming low that is heartache. Now you know it was worth the slow, dragged out wait, which brought you home, to nothing short of fate.

Model: Bianca Gerlach @bianca.gerlach from @neonmodelmanagement

Photographer: Daphne Young @daph_young