What If You Just Try?

What if you just tried to do something new that you’ve always wanted to do? Something you’ve had on your mind for a while, but haven’t done yet. That thing that you have been dreaming of for days, months, years… What if you just tried and it would work out? You never know.

We all have dreams or things that we would like to do, however, for some reasons it doesn’t always work out the way we want it. What are those reasons?

Well, first of all, we all have responsibilities, such as school, work, family etc. I tell you what: bullshit. If you have an enormous desire to do something, there is nothing in the world that can stop you. All of these things are just excuses. It is all about setting priorities. What do you prioritize in your life? Write it down, because visualizing it will help you to see things more clear.

If you think that traveling is your priority at this point in your life but you keep saying to yourself that you don’t have enough money, stop complaining and start saving up money for future trips. Maybe you believe that in order to be more creative you need to move to Oregon, or you want to develop your career in the entertainment industry, then move to LA. The point is: just do it.

What if it doesn’t workout, you may think? So what? Worst case scenario would be that you have to move back. Whatever it is, you always should at least try, because you might discover a new passion of yourself, find true love, or even start living a dream of yours. It’s better to do something than to regret that you have never tried. Don’t you think?

Photographer: Danny Fedoruk @dannyfedoruk

Model: Alex Ride @alex_ride

Locations: El Matador, Malibu & Hermosa Beach, L