We're All Us

We’re all us.

It’s all white.
The clothes,
With the frills and lace
The white tights to cover our bare legs.

The walls
With no scratches,
No posters.
Nothing to show that we were here.

Not us.

We’re dark.
From our lips down to our boots.

Everything we touch turns into ours.
Not to gold,
Not to purity.

But to us.

We’re all us.
Holes in our shirts,
Bitten lollipops.

We’re all us.

Photographer: Isabel Gutierrez @isabelgutierrezzz

Models: Ellie Howard @sm3llie
             Shayla Stensby @shaylastensby
             Milan Long @getoffmeelawn
             Caroline Fish @carolinefish
             Maureen Turnbaugh @maureenturnbaugh

Makeup by: Madison Copland @madisoncopland
                    Clarissa Gardea @clarissagardea