We Didn't Care


Do you remember,
when you lied to me,
and I blindly believed you?
Or when I looked at you,
with those empty eyes,
but you couldn’t see,
what was haunting me?
Or when I called you,
in the middle of the night,
but you wouldn’t answer,
because you were sad, too?

Do you remember,
when I left you alone,
not caring about your fears?
Or when I turned around,
because I couldn’t stand,
seeing so many of your tears?
Or the one time,
when we were arguing for hours,
because I had too many beers?

I remember it all,
the hurt, the sorrow, the pain…
But I also remember that,
at least until last fall,
there was still enough love,
that we would share,
killing all the frustration,
making the bad seem bearable,
and so we didn’t care.

Photographer: Lightstory (Immanuel Sander & Christian Müller) @lightstory.de
Model: Nathalie Reichrath @nathalielebenskuenstler