We Are Who We Are

I am pretty small.
I can be cheeky.
Sometimes I get really confused.
I am just myself, I guess.

You are tall.
You can be so kind.
Sometimes, you get really dramatic.
You are just yourself, I guess.
And that’s just how it is, right?

Is it good, is it bad?
Some would say I’m too lost.
Some would say you’re too complicated.
Let them talk, honey.
They won’t ever stop.
And we shouldn’t change a thing.

Photographer: Josh Rhodes @fuzzyaxolotl

Models: Vanessa Fallon @vanny_fal Leona Frey @leonafrey Magi Tcherno @magitcherno Hannah Godwin @hannahg11 Charly Jordan @charlyjordan10 Tessa Hall @xtessahallx Steele Tate @steeleschim Abbie Wikner @abbiewikner Kinsey Gandel @kinseygandel Valentina Rose @valentiinabilbao Veronica Sol @vronsol Samantha Ashburn @samntha.xx Brittany Hoffner @brittanyhoffner