When I was a kid growing up I used to get really homesick whenever I was away for too long. My grandparents would take us on long trips to the desert or through Mexico and I would be gone for weeks at a time. Usually these trips were over holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas. I would miss everything from waking up in my bed and playing with our dog’s to my mom’s cooking and our old wood stove. There were so many beautiful thing I got to see and experience starting from a young age, like the Grand Canyon and ancient Native American ruins.

I remember crossing the border of Mexico and seeing nothing but Cacti for what felt like days and going to remote bars and ordering fruity virgin drinks. But I also always remember feeling homesick and being so excited to see my family again, whenever I think of these road-trips I went on as a kid one of the most prominent feelings I remember is always longing to be home and back in my own bed.

Recently Ive been spending a lot of time on the road, I’ve been going on crazy adventures, camping trips, photoshoots, etc. and each time I come home I get the feeling similar to being homesick. I’m homesick for my next adventure, my next challenge, the next new and exciting thing. The only word I can relate to this feeling is wanderlust. I’ve always used wanderlust as a term for wanting to travel, I would see a beautiful photo of a distant place and dream of going there, and I would consider that feeling to be wanderlust.

More recently I’ve been associating Wanderlust as a much more urgent feeling, it almost seems strange to be back home living an ordinary life, going to work everyday, sleeping in my own bed, knowing exactly what I’m going to be doing for the rest of the week. There’s no excitement in being comfortable. I don’t want to live a simple, ordinary life. I’ve been home for two days now and I leave again tomorrow for my next trip and all I can thing about is “Where to next?”

Sure it’s nice to be home, to spend a day watching Netflix on the couch, catching up on the latest trends and making yourself a home cooked meal, but after a couple days that gets old. I want to travel and see the world. Taste new foods and experience new cultures. I’m homesick for places I could only dream of, for winding mountain roads and sunny tropical beaches for rivers who's name I can’t pronounce and small towns I’ve never heard of.

I want to see everything there is to see and go everywhere there is to go.
I want to travel and wander to the edge of the Earth, and then keep going.

Photographer: Josh Cantu @bubbablue45

Model: Chelsea