Wake Me Up When Summer's Over

It’s that feeling, that moment when you realize that summer is in its final throes. The days aren’t that hot anymore, the nights are getting crispy again.

The asphalt is still hot when you ride your bike to the lake. Everything is just less crowded. When the evening breaks, you walk through the cold sand and into the water, enjoying the last warm sun rays on your body.

Birds are singing. You hear crickets in the meadows, getting goosebumps when the sun finally goes down. The water is still lovely and warm, still carrying the heat that stood in the air throughout the day.

The sky glows in a soft light. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, filling your heart with the memories of the last summer vibes.

Photographer: Jan Glaser @goodvibescreative

Model: Anne Dahlmann @cathistle_