A Perfect Puzzle


I feel strong. In barely anything or nothing at all. With no product to thread through my curls. No airbrush to cover my skin. I feel confident - I feel like me. Not every woman gets to say the same because of this puzzle of a confidence game. But no matter how much money they spend towards perfection, for me, it will always be about gaining courage from the inside that spreads until it shines through my skin. Of course, that is not to say a little black number doesn't make me smile at my reflection at times. But it's all a mentality. Many are still solving this intricate puzzle - the puzzle of "perfection." Of beauty. Of strength. So when I look myself in the mirror I won't suck in, or stand taller, ill move on with my day in love with myself and the way my limbs sway. 


Photographer: Mike Ivnitsky @michaelivnitsky

Model: Tia Galili @Matija_

Makeup and styling: Tia Galili

Agency: Elite Management