Waiting For Better Things

Zelda Deeds_Baltisoul.jpg

Every day starts the same. That bright sunshine breaks through my dark room… Through my “black-out” curtains, which clearly can’t serve their purpose. It’s too early. It’s always too early. My body may be engulfed in the covers, but my mind is still asleep. In an abandoned dream, different as the night before.

Everyone says I’m far away from reality. My “head’s stuck in the clouds,” they’ll say. My parents think I belong to a different family. My friends say I was born in the wrong decade. Maybe it’s my obsession for vintage cars, or my need to always wear dark lipstick.

Whatever the reason, I know who I am. I’m not lost. I’m not “lonely.” I’m just waiting. Waiting in the longest line I’ve ever had to stand in. In front of me is an exhausted mother, with a white line around her ring finger. Behind me is an eager boy, in cleats, holding a bat. All of us seem to be swinging at empty air, teeing up for nothing.

But I’m patient. I have things to do while I wait. Riding my skateboard through the neighborhood. Covering my body with ink. Anything to keep my mind from wandering too far, too deep.

Model: Zelda Deeds @zelduuhh
Photographer: Isaiah Vigil, “Alizayuh” @alizayuh
Website: www.alizayuh.com