Unbound ☆☾


For quite some time, I was asleep.
I was dreaming about things that weren’t real.
I was hiding from the sun, always running towards the moonlight.
And every night, I thought about the deepest, darkest things.
Philosophical questions were stumbling across my mind.
Questions that make you go crazy.
Things that you shouldn’t be thinking about, but that you cannot ignore;
until they ruin your happiness.
They take your spirit and the love that resides within;
your beauty, your fierce, and lastly, your purpose.
One day though, I woke up.
I opened my eyes and I saw the mess.
I saw the ruins that were left.
The destruction caused by my mental war.
I took a shovel and buried the chaos;
while building up a new world, a fresh start.
I moved on and I realized:
I will always keep on going. I will always stay a wanderer. I am unbound.

Photographer: David Wachmann @davidwachmann
Model: Anna Bianca Gerlach