Unravel Me


Unravel me

Like ribbon spilled on the floor

A silken pile of sunrise pink

Dripping on your grey converse shoes 

Rip through my souls wrapping with enthusiasm - it’s yours to lose

Inside a surprised heartbeat - peach fuzz - fresh pastry - something to savor

Torn pastel paper

A small price to pay

The light in your eyes priceless

Tie my ribbons around pinkie fingers

So you never forget

This season of

Possibilities in the form of presents begging to be unwrapped 

And re-tied into tangled legs doused in the light of early morning sun 

Even if at noon this fades 

I know the memories of soft smiles 

And roaming finger tips tracing poetry on skin - tempting paper cuts 

Something to reminisce on

The taste of torn edges 

Hard to lose to taste of

Model: Weslee Kate @Weslee_Kate

Photo: Lauren Millar @curlyheadedskeleton