Two Wild Hearts

She was a wild #GIRL. Back home everybody would have said that. But this wasn’t really her home. Home was where she felt sheer happiness. A place where she could be herself. She had seen this place before, but she wasn’t meant to stay there…

She never cared about anyone for too long or got attached easily. She was a gypsy, loving her life with every second that went by. There was no way she would have let this love gone to waste. And then, while she was spinning around in her own universe searching for the best in her, she suddenly had to stop. She didn’t stop because of a great job offer, a magnificent place or a group of crazy people giving her a good time…

She stopped for him. Him

He wasn’t like her. He had deep scars that still hurt once in a while. But his heart was gentle. It had always remained grateful, wild and caring. She saw this within every moment they got lost into each others eyes. Eyes that were so deep and blue that even the ocean would have gone jealous. But she saw so much more.

She saw home. She saw the past, the present and the future. A whole dimension of yet unknown feelings that climbed up in her, making her feel dizzy, but uncompromisingly happy. And then he said they could go wherever the fuck they wanted to. That they could build up another life together. A life that wasn’t perfect, but surrounded by the endless truth and love of two wild hearts…

'Two Wild Hearts' - Exclusive editorial for girlmagonline @girl.on.line X Baltisoul

Photographer: Alexander Tull @alexandertull

Model: Bianca

Make Up & Hair: Margareth Yang @sydneymakeupbymag

Wearing: Blanca Swim, Sahara Ray Swim, ForLove&Lemons, Brandy Melville, Cheap Monday, Zara