Trish is an artist with so much heart and intellect poured into her music that it makes a room go quite. Her live sets are slowly built up to fill a room with energy and purpose. Her new EP “Ego” is one that is worth listening to the whole way through at least once - but probably more than once. Read more about her, Ego, and her views on authenticity below.

Who are you?

My name is Trish Hosein, I’m a Los Angeles based musician and concept
artist known as TRISHES. I created TRISHES to express separate and
often conflicting facets of myself in real time using vocal loops and
effects. I’m also a spoken word artist and visual artist.

Do you think music is political?

I think art is how we individually and collectively process the human
experience, and a lot of that experience is political, whether we
acknowledge it or not. Art tells us who in a society is allowed to
create, who is encouraged to create, who is compensated for creation,
who has the most power of representation and whose work is
collectively respected. It is an expression of cultural values.
Politics and culture are constantly tugging on each others’ sleeves so
culture absent of politics is impossible. Even a work devoid of any
explicit political statement is making a political statement by doing
so. A love song, for example, may not seem political but love and marriage
has actually always been pretty political. If we look at romantic love
within the scope of human history, we remember that romantic love is a
fairly newly accepted concept. Until recently relationships were
political tools to join families, wealth and power, so in a sense,
marriage for love is a pretty edgy idea. Now add into that timeline
that it's only been 40 years that people of different races can get
legally married and far less than that since people of the same sex
could get married. “Ego” wasn’t intentionally political, The goal of it was to express
what Freud described as the conscious self that struggles between the
primal self and the spiritual self. Given my position in society and
current events it was impossible to process my conscious existence
without it being explicitly political.

What does authenticity mean to you?

My alma mater’s motto is “Esse Quam Videri” or “To be, rather than to
seem.” That’s what authenticity is. To appear as you truly are.
For me that means to not only do good under a spotlight but to do good
in the quiet and the shadows. To not only preach equality but to
grapple with my own biases every day.

What does beauty mean to you?

I’ve gotten into meditation in the last half a year or so, it’s always
been something I wanted to do but couldn’t really get into the habit
until this point in my life. Mediation has really changed my idea of
beauty because now I see beauty as perspective. I’ve always seen
beauty as parts coming together in harmony and congruity to make a
whole, but with the right perspective, I’m beginning to learn that you
can find that anywhere you look for it.

What is the message you want people to take away from your work?

The ultimate goal of the project is to help solve external conflict by
encouraging listeners to address internal struggle. The “Ego”
struggles between “the id” and “the superego.” Society has taught us
to associate shame with internal struggle causing us to suppress
negative emotions instead of addressing them. Once they are buried
into our subconscious they come out in violent ways that we are often
unaware of and can’t control.

How do you practice self love and self care?

My life is incredibly rich and full of all of the things I care about.
I consider my time on earth very precious. I take drawing, dance and
anthropology classes at a community college for fun. I listen to
podcasts throughout the day so I can absorb information while doing
menial tasks. I travel a lot. I volunteer often. I see my family
often. I prioritize experiences and learning and serving because those
things fulfill me most.

What’s your favorite place in the world?

Wow this is hard, I have so much world left to see. Here are a few
places that come to mind:
The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York
The Taj Mahal
The Old City in Jerusalem
My apartment in Studio City, California
Frothy Monkey in Nashville TN
Anywhere my dog is


Photo: Sydney Prather