Don't just touch me with your fingertips
Touch me with your words.
Show me who you are, when you think no one is watching.
Tell me your secrets and your sweetest memories
Let me learn every inch of your mind.

Have you ever driven into a storm? It starts with a light rain you see the storm but you only feel the mist,
 that’s what it was like when I met you.
 You were just a mist a light sensation that didn’t scare me.
 But as I drove more into the storm, I found out who you were, what you were capable of.
My senses heightened and I was more alert. I got closer and closer to you and I could feel my heart starting to race, my palms sweat, and my eyes widened.
 I drove straight into your chaos and I am here now, everything about you scares me, it scares me because you make me feel something I’ve never felt before. It’s like I want to run but I want to stay. I want to stay until the storm passes and I see your beautiful light shine through the grayed skies.

Photographer/Model: Estephany Sanchez @ehstephanyy