Tired Games

I can tell you’re just as tired of those stupid games where nothing seems to ever change. They got you good, didn’t they? With their power of persuasion. They say everything is good for you in moderation, so we sit and count the heartbreak that is piling on like calories. Who else feels like they need a vacation? Some time away from the tears and the time wasters.

I no longer wish to meet new people where I'm constantly falling victim to their boorish ways, I want nothing to do with this messed up playground of endless screwed up affairs and egotistical nightmares.

Turning to the ones I know and trust, the ones who I know have hearts that are selfless and pure, who when they hear the stories of mistreatment they shake their heads in downright disgust. Over are the days of headache caused by mixed messages and sugar-coated lies.

Tired of being made a fool, from now on I'm taking the reigns. Come with me as I take you anywhere but here, someplace where love is a guarantee, that tastes so good nothing could get in the way.

Show me things you wouldn't do for anyone else. I want the part of you that no one sees. I want the bleeding painful sins that you dream. I’ll be your friend, your only witness as I vow to never tell another soul of our bruised hearts and buried secrets.

Pulling you into my zone, we’re seeing things in the distance as we go round like a wheel of repetition, you fall into my space where I'm your muse, I can tell my kiss has reeled you into an unfortunate position. Only now I wake you to remind you that these magic mirrors are all but an illusion. Guilt washes over me as I have you where I want you, I watch on as you suffer a pre-empted delusion.

Hating on myself for the aches I have caused, probably should have warned you that I was no different to the rest. Gone and dazed I can't seem to make up my mind, craving the adventure and highs of something new yet so fed up with the hurt and feeling like I'm biting off more than I can chew. We’re all just savage hearts and messy heads who are slaves to the addiction of love, who won't stop until the suffocation builds in our chest and fills up our cold, empty lungs.

So show me things you wouldn't do for anyone else, prove to me why I should believe you're any different from the rest, you could be my ecstasy and I’ll be here hoping you might just take the heat off me.

Photographer: Jose Cervantes @Josecervantes_ (Agency @LovesickLA)
Photo Assist: Mariano Baltazar @MBfotos_ (Agency @LovesickLA)
Hair and Makeup: Amanda Bourne @Amandabournemua (Agency @LovesickLA)
Styling: Danika Ormonde @Danikaormonde (Agency @LovesickLA)
Model: Jill Billingsley @JillBillingsley (Agency @Brand_Models)
Jewelry Collection: Ouroboros Designs @Ouroborosdesigns