Time is Currency & Our Love is Gold

We use our time by chasing imaginary highs, giving ourselves up to people, to strangers, to empower our self-worth. We are feeling satisfaction from a single notification, like or comment and it makes us feel valid. When you think about it, there’s nothing real about this game, chatting through an app or viewing a video story. We’re caught up in a world that is ruled by technology. A world that lets us crave for every opportunity to disconnect.

Technology, as great as it all is, has also over-complicated life. Every day, we’re in the biggest rush to have the latest gadget or update. We’re living our lives through a small device that tracks every movement. Exhausted to keep up, we crave seclusion and solitude. We’re so completely bombarded with technology that we become hungry.

Hungry for real adventure, to run through streets we’ve never been before, with people we’ve only just met. To swim in salty oceans as the warm sunshine touches our bare skin, we want to feel a magic that only exists past a phone screen with real time, real places and real interactions. We want to liven up our other senses and touch, smell and taste the life that is shown to us through a social media driven world.
In this lifetime, one thing remains the same: Time is currency, but our love and passions are the real gold. Doing what you love is never time wasted, using your time to follow your passions is true value. So let’s use our time to start existing for real and follow those dreams.

Photographer: @frorojas

Muse: @celinefarach